Thoughts for August 2019 (new Archangel message coming)

Archangel Raziel is coming to us this month with a message about taking time to just "be" during your day. He encourages us to take time to be quiet and still, and breathe more fully and relax into yourself. He goes further, and encourages us to open ourselves to the moment we are in ... the present moment is the time we are living in as humans.  We can remember the past, or think about or feel the future, but this moment is the one we are living in.  When we take time to be quiet, and be, we can connect with the center of who we are, and this still-point within assists us to choose our next moment on many levels from a more clear place.  Because the earth continues to rise in frequency, we are also vibrationally changing, and each and every living and non-living thing on the earth is changing and we are becoming lighter. And with these changes, we have access to finer sensing on all levels. This gives us more insight, clarity, ability to sense subtleties and access lighter emotions and thoughts better than ever before.  And each of us is in a different place of developing into more wholeness within ourselves.  The high vibration is also transmuting or shaking out lower vibrations, which can feel upsetting to varying degrees.  For example, an old emotion you repressed when you felt it was not acceptable to feel that or think something, can be shaken loose to be released by the new energies all around us ... you may not have a point of reference to why that is happening as nothing seems to have caused it.  It can be very helpful to understand that if we just feel and flow with the energy, it will release. And very helpful not to blame others around us for what is releasing. Raziel offers to help us learn to embrace and become in sync with this new way of being. 

He also notes that because the energy is so light, a new ability to sense in a more refined way is opening for us ... for example, some can more clearly envision, or hear more exquisitely and other senses will open as well.  In our new lightness, we will have more heart-centered focus to bring into our lives to enjoy our moments more fully.  We are each a "work in progress" and there will be varying degrees of up and down as we change ... so he encourages us to have patience and compassion with yourself and with others.  Also, research is being done worldwide, and at Heartmath Institute in California for instance, studies are showing the power of the electromagnetic fields that emanate from the body, and the heart's field is about 50-60 times greater than what emanates from our brains.  Research also shows that the heart has brain cells as a part of its makeup ... the heart is much more powerful than we knew and more research is now showing it is a key place connecting us to the formless "quantum" field from which our physical world arises from.  And a key place to bring your awareness to as you are creating your future or anything else you desire to bring into your life.

Archangel Raziel's name means "The Secret of God" referring to the energy he brings to open our senses to what are beyond them now ... helping us to access and understand esoteric knowledge. He often teaches us in the dream-time and you can ask to attend his "classes" before you go to sleep.  His presence is often accompanied with the color yellow-gold and clear energy, and sometimes all the colours of the rainbow. Any crystals and stones in these colours can be a point of focus for you to connect with him ... he is happy to assist all that ask, ... it is in our free-will asking that he responds.

I now ask Raziel to join me here in this moment and to show me some energies to share with you.  I feel an immediate response, with a buoyant happy feeling as his energy comes in from my right side and a bit in front.  He touches the center of my forehead and I feel more clarity and a sense of energy like a cool breeze. A flow of energy that feels like it clears and aligns me, comes down through the inside of my body, and I feel some density in my power center (3rd chakra) and stomach clearing.  My breathing deepens immediately and I take a few more deep breaths in and out. I feel my muscles releasing and relaxing, and my I feel subtly  like I want to laugh too ... or tell an uplifting joke.  I feel his joy connecting with me too ... enjoying my happiness shift.  He moves around to my back and he is being funny now ... he takes an energy magnifying glass for a moment and looks at the right side of my sacrum bone and in the act of doing that, I feel a small ache go away.  With one sweep of his energy hand down the mid part of my spine, some tension releases and fades away.  Muscles a little higher in my mid back also feel relaxed and loosened back to a relaxed and healthy state.  And he even does some shifting of tiny energies around my teeth and gums.  I take one more medium breath in and out, and he flows some rainbow light energy down the center of me, inside and out and steps back to "survey his work".  He smiles and touches my nose with a feeling of kindness and fondness and turns and is gone.  "Thanks for talking to the people," he calls out telepathically.  "You're welcome," I respond. "Thank you for giving me something to share". He gives me a thumbs up sign with his right hand.  I laugh ... the Archangels have told me several time that they are our equals ... we each contain the divine spark ... they may be vast and have knowledge like a PhD compared to us in pre-school here on earth, but they say they are our equals.  And I have been pleasantly surprised to see them joking with my clients and telling me funny things to tell them in several sessions.   

It's important to know that we still need to live our lives, grow and evolve in our own selves, and even with my close work with the Archangels, I feel my profound humanness all the time.  I have challenges like everyone, and am learning to practice what I learn in their teachings and to become more whole overall in many ways in my life.  I also find these energies we are living in to be beautiful at times and very challenging at other times.  And so many people are going through a lot ... it can be a bit overwhelming some days.  And then moves back into profoundly beautiful moments, often when I/we least expect them.    

This is one example of how the Archangels can work with us if we ask.  Far more is happening than we can perceive with our human senses; they are exquisite in their energy capabilities. You can try for yourself; the Archangels respond to all who ask; or, if you like, I can lead you through a connection in a session ... many people like to have a reading and the Archangels come in and work with you right from the beginning and shift you in ways to help you where you are at and I describe to you some of what is happening ... it's important that we shift energy ... when we change our energy, our lives change. Or, you can have a healing session and you also receive some description of what is perceived with the Archangels healing and around you.  Please have a look at the Readings and Healing pages for more information. :) 

In August we will continue with the Quantum Creative Living Distance Transmissions with the Archangels daily for a period of 11 days  (next series Tuesday, August 6th).  Classes and circles including Quantum Creative Living I, II, and the *New III and Intro QCL Circles (these have been very fun and changes have been remarkable for people), Reiki Classes (Levels I (please call for dates), II and III) and Reiki Circles, Reiki Symbol Series, Card Reading, and a Meditation Circle. Please check back to see what may be inspired as the month progresses. I am also beginning to prepare some audio classes and an updated website, social media and on-line classes to assist you on your way ... coming soon. Please let me know if you are interested in joining any classes or circles!

I am also available by appointment for personal individual readings and healing; most readings are done on the phone (distance healing can be scheduled for a specific time in the future as well). Hours are 1:30 to 10:00 pm.  (Please note messages are returned after 1 pm and usually within 24 hours.) Balance and self-care are key in these times! :)

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... wishing you beauty, lovely spiritual growth and understanding, clarity, abundance, laughter, peace, harmony, love and joy ... whatever you are wishing for. Lorie :) xo