Thoughts for May 2019

Archangel Sandalphon is coming to us this month with a message of gentleness ... he encourages us to be gentle with ourselves and with others.  We are all going through an amazing transformation, and at times we are feeling wonderful and like our lives are "smooth sailing"; other times, it's suddenly rough and rocky in many ways.  He notes that compassion is needed for ourselves and others experiencing the challenging days, to help ease our way and smooth the pathway for all. We will be continuing to shift and change and integrate new frequencies as we move into this new time. The easier we can be with ourselves and others, the faster dense energies can transmute ... the energies are more light than ever, and we are all connected in a field of energy. Where we are in each moment, and the energy we bring is perfectly orchestrated to coincide with other energies around us (always has been), but now, with the refined energy, we have more power in subtle energies like our thoughts, emotions, movements, ideas and our hearts. So, it is important to embrace a calmer and more gentle way of being, so that we "ripple" out energy in the ways we really want ... to get the effects and experiences in life that we want ... and for most of us, that is some facet of love and happiness.

He also notes that because the energy is so light, a new refined approach, and an open and balanced state of being will be the most effective to live our lives now.  We are moving more and more into a present-moment existence, and energy has more strength in the higher frequencies we are living in. We are still operating from polarity for the most part, and so we will have "ups and downs", but we can modulate the highs and lows to be less dramatic with the conscious choice to be as balanced as we can, and to take it easy ... bring the gentleness in more moment to moment.  He suggests we connect with our heart more ... and ask ourselves "what would a loving response or action be right now?"     

Archangel Sandalphon's name means "Brother" referring to the brother-like energy he shares with Metatron; a co-creating beyond what most of us can currently understand. He is known for his ability to clearly bring our wants, desires, and prayers, for example, clearly through to the Source/Universal/or God energy and often helps to heal anything impeding a clear energy from us here in the physical realm to the formless energy or zero-point quantum field.  He is also the Archangel of music and he encourages us to embrace music into our lives, and choose to create and experience in our lives what resonates and brings us uplifting energy and happiness. You can call on him to help you create music, as well as anything else you are wanting to create.  And his presence is often accompanied with the color turquoise and shades of soft blue. Sandalphon and the Archangels are very omniscient and their abilities are incredibly varied, and many are beyond our human comprehension, but they are happy to assist us with many requests if we ask ... it is in our free-will asking that they respond.

I now ask Sandalphon to please come in and "work" with my energy,. to give you an example of how he (and the other Archangels) can connect with us.  I close my eyes and breathe, as I feel his gently cheerful countenance precede him as he arrives, and then I "see" he has come into a form, with turquoise, fluid, long, light robe-like energy, with whites and soft yellow-golds all around him.  His soft joy begins to flow in and through me, and I feel my heart feeling lighter and happier.  It's actually a bit stunning to me still how fast my energy can change with the Archangels ... I smile and thank him for that great entrance.  He laughs and rumples my "energy hair".  He seems amused by my surprise. Then gentle, warm flowing "streams" of energy begin to flow in curving patterns through my body, and I feel my temperature increase quite quickly (this often happens with healing and energy shifts), and then a wave of cool energy flows around my body and my skin cools.  I feel him smiling as he adjusts my temperature and he jokingly points out the milk chocolate that I ate earlier for the first time in awhile, and telepathically lets me know that this is what he was clearing and balancing and caused the heat.  I smile and nod in understanding.  He clears residue of worry and fear and stress from a fairly intense last month and a half of my little "family" and surgery and hospitals (which I don't do well in). I can feel him healing me deeply from many other instances of health and my reactions to differing ideas on healing methods. I breathe more easily and feel relief in my body and auric field and emotions and thoughts.  He places his spirit hands on my shoulders and transmutes tension held in my muscles and tissues ... he also points at my desk and suggests I sit there rather than at the kitchen table for better "ergonomics" ... easier on my body.  I laugh and agree.  He flows one more expansion into my energy and a lovely lightness, and sets me for the night.  I thank him and give him a loving bow of my head, placing my palms and fingers together in sincere thanks.  He smiles and rumples my energy hair again, turns and is gone into a higher frequency place.  I smile and take a lovely breath in again. 

It's important to know that we still need to live our lives, grow and evolve in our own selves, and even with my close work with the Archangels, I feel my profound humanness all the time.  I have challenges like everyone, and am learning to practice what I learn in their teachings and to become more whole overall in many ways in my life.  I also find these energies we are living in to be beautiful at times and very challenging at other times.  And so many people are going through a lot ... it can be a bit overwhelming some days.  And then moves back into profoundly beautiful moments, often when I/we least expect them.    

This is one example of how the Archangels can work with us if we ask.  Far more is happening than we can perceive with our human senses; they are exquisite in their energy capabilities. You can try for yourself; the Archangels respond to all who ask; or, if you like, I can lead you through a connection in a session ... many people like to have a reading and the Archangels come in and work with you right from the beginning and shift you in ways to help you where you are at and I describe to you some of what is happening ... it's important that we shift energy ... when we change our energy, our lives change. Or, you can have a healing session and you also receive some description of what is perceived with the Archangels healing and around you.  Please have a look at the Readings and Healing pages for more information. :) 

In April, we will continue with the Quantum Creative Living Distance Transmissions with the Archangels daily at 8:20 a.m. for a period of 11 days or 21 days (next series Monday, May 13th).  Classes and circles including Quantum Creative Living I ,II, and the *New III and Intro QCL Circles (these have been very fun and changes have been remarkable for people), Reiki Classes (Levels I (some Saturdays or Sundays or week-day evenings in May), II and III) and Reiki Circles, Reiki Symbol Series, Card Reading, and a Meditation Circle. Please check back to see what may be inspired as the month progresses. I am also beginning to prepare some audio classes and an updated website, social media and on-line classes to assist you on your way ... coming soon. Please let me know if you are interested in joining any classes or circles!

I am also available by appointment for personal individual readings and healing; most readings are done on the phone (distance healing can be scheduled for a specific time in the future as well). Hours are 1:30 to 10:00 pm.  (Please note messages are returned after 1 pm and usually within 24 hours.) Balance and self-care are key in these times! :)

Text: 604 729-5358 or E-mail or

... wishing you beauty, lovely spiritual growth and understanding, clarity, abundance, laughter, peace, harmony, love and joy ... whatever you are wishing for. Lorie :) xo