About Lorie

Lorie was born in Calgary, Alberta and raised 100 miles north of there in a small city in Central Alberta. She grew up in a house on the edge of town with a golden wheat field just beyond the back fence and so was connected to the pure energy of the countryside, birds, animals and horses - and the stimulation of the cultural diversity in the city - especially dance and artistic expression in the local community. She dreamed of past lives as a child; often knew when family members had been hurt ahead of time, and perceived other dimensions and high teachers and beings at an early age. Her intuitive abilities and dreams guided her life, and in her 20's, she began to use her abilities to help friends and family, which over the years expanded and developed into what she offers today.

She has always been interested in many facets of life; loves animals, people, spirituality, colour, quantum physics, music, earth energies, cutting edge teachings and ancient knowledge ....  She studied psychology searching for answers, biology to understand life at the "micro" level, many religions of the world to understand underlying themes and all of the University learning led to more learning.  She studied many more current books and "ancient" teachings and learned different healing modalities.  She continues to learn and change, and offer her unique blend of teachings to her clients. 

The Archangels appeared to her about 12 years ago when she was doing a reading, appearing the first time as a beautiful large three-foot sphere of energy floating near the table she was giving a reading at, and the sphere emanated an amazing, loving energy.  She felt her heart open and tears flowed in her closed eyes, and she felt benevolence.  She was not certain what this energy was, but in the next week, she ran into three people at different times and locations, and the people did not know one another.  Each of them spoke of Archangels in the course of her conversation with them and this was/is an unusual topic to come up in conversation.  And as she finished this remarkable week, and heard the third one talk about them, she had a fairly profound realization that the beautiful spheres of energy were Archangels.  She was excited, just a little bit in awe and eager to learn more about them.  She found she could "hear" them with her higher sense of hearing and see them in her inner sight.  When she asked what she should do to learn, they said bring us in your readings and healing work and we will teach you as you go,  and they joined her work and have been assisting her and others ever since.  She is very, very grateful to them for their presence and loving teachings and energy.

The clairvoyant and clairsentient gifts she has since developed are also generational, with her grandmother foreseeing many events in visions and dreams as well as reading tea leaves, and her mother, who has a very strong intuition as well as a practical accounting side. Her sisters are also highly intuitive and her brother would say he has a good gut sense. She also shares a strong bond with her stepfather who has also had many precognitive dreams and intuitions in his life. And her daughter carries on the generations with dreams, visions, intuition and healing abilities, as well as a love of nature and teaching and much more.  She has recently reconnected with her niece who is joyful and loves working with children, and being in touch with animals and the land. Her family continues to grow through sister's and niece's marriages and she welcomes the gifts her new brother-in-law brings and his beautiful heart and her new little niece, and her new "nephew-in-law" who is also a man with a beautiful heart. :)

Lorie uses a gentle and caring heart-centered approach in her readings and healing. And she works with great respect shown for each individual and from a place of love and caring. She encourages you to ultimately use your own intuition to make the best choices for you and to remember that life is not carved in stone - readings are to empower you in your choices and healing and for you to create with more clarity and ease. We each hold the power to choose and change our lives. She also teaches courses and holds circles on a variety of topics to assist you in your life and personal and spiritual growth. Please see the Courses and Events tab for more information. Her background includes her own personal and spiritual journey through this life and others, over 20 years experience doing readings, 18 years of energy healing (working in depth with the physical body, auric body, the hara body and core star), Reiki Master, Matrix Energetics practitioner, a BA in Psychology, Gestalt therapy training, as well as Life Purpose training, and on-going study and research into the newest findings and books on many topics. 

She also works closely daily with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, angels and guides, both her own (and yours and other light beings connected to you when working with you). Lorie works from White Rock, BC. She offers distance healing and also readings by phone and plans to offer audio courses soon. She is also working on some books on various topics.


"Just wanted to start off by thanking you and the angels for their love and their supportive energy over the past 3 circles. It has helped me in ways I could never imagine. During the healing circles, I look forward to reading your daily emails - sometimes I find myself just smiling while reading them, as I feel so much love for them.  I have been able to let things go so easily, things that once hurt me deeply, I find myself just brushing things off and letting it go. I find things in career really taking a shift - opportunities are continuing to arise from odd areas and I am able to put fear aside and really filter through and pick out what it is that I see myself doing. I had some family issues arise during the past circle but because I had your support and the angels support, I was able to get through it and just not let if affect me as it would have in the past. Since starting the healings, I feel more confident with myself, I get these bursts of love and these ideas that all I ever want from life is to just love, love everything so purely.  I find myself not worrying so much about what the people around me think about me, and just feel comfortable in my own skin.  My husband even said to me, "I'm not sure what it is, but something is different with you, something happier. So, thank you, thank you 1000 times for your support."  P :) BC Canada

"Thank you for all the healing sessions. Sometimes I feel this happy high for days during the healing days.  I notice a change in me and I feel like it's helping me take steps to what I want in my life.  The second session was even stronger and got better.   ... look forward to your daily emails like excited kids and ... I would like to join the next one too. I'm so grateful to have found someone like you. You change lives." R :) BC Canada

"I would like you to know every since I have started these healing sessions, I feel a magnificent change in myself; it's unbelievable. In the past when I would be emotional or have days where I felt down it would take me great effort to get myself back together, now it's just effortless. I'm able to pick myself up as if nothing's happened. It's so easy for me to let things go that used to bother me mentally for days; I mean I still have days where things do affect me but I forget about it so fast and am able to move on, and it makes me re-think 'what just happened?' I feel so stable and balanced.  I also feel my intuitive side is becoming stronger as well, I now follow my gut instinct which I think is always right.  As a child, I used to laugh sooo much, at silly things that wouldn't even be funny and I find that my old happy person is coming back alive again.  I am extremely happy but that's also with self-talk.  I honestly feel great. I want to thank you soooo much for that; I REALLY DO."  B :) BC Canada

"...since we started the quantum healing, my days have felt very magical.  I've had a lot of compliments from people as if the angels are whispering in their ears to say something to uplift me.  Also, I feel like there have been some surprise blessings pop up and it feels like there has been a lot of support from behind the scenes.  So, I'm very grateful; thank you!" J :) Surrey, BC

"Meeting with Lorie has truly opened me up to the positive forces at work in the world. Her kind, sensitive, compassionate support and ability to connect with me on many levels has helped me become more understanding and enabled me to strongly pursue my personal destiny. Thank you Lorie; I appreciate you sharing your gift with me." Laura C. Horse Trainer, Vancouver, BC Canada

"Thank you Lorie, with all my heart. Without your help, I would still feel confused and stuck in my life, not knowing where to go. Today I feel confident and have a clear picture for my future."
Katalin B.  Homemaker and Single Parent,  Vancouver, BC Canada

"Lorie's knowledge of dream interpretation combined with her intuitiveness has helped me to gain useful insight and clarity of my dreams; oftentimes I was astounded with the truths and shifts which occurred in me as a result of her perceptiveness."
Janice Whitty  Healer & Reiki Practitioner, Surrey, BC Canada

"The first thing I noticed was this healing warmth that began to emanate from Lorie's hands. Then I felt this surge of energy between my eyes and left with a clear sense of peace. It was a powerful experience."
James Elmore Actor California, USA

Lorie's mini-workshop helped me to redefine my goals and my attitude towards life. She has a way of bringing the participants together as one creative whole and brings out the richness in each of us. I would recommend Lorie's workshops whole-heartedly!"
Susan M. - Legal Secretary, Gold Coast, Australia

"Great session as always!" Don MacPherson - Lawyer, White Rock, BC Canada